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Single White Female

Barbet Schroeder
1992 - United States - 1h47
int. -12 ans

Screenings : friday 26 - 10:00 pm - Pathé - 1
After breaking up with her fiancé Allie Jones nevertheless wants to stay in the big apartment she lives in in the Upper West Side, one of the most up-market neighbourhoods of New York. And what could be better for this than taking in a lodger? Allison believes she has found the perfect person in Hedy Carlson, a young woman of her own age. Although she seems nice, discreet and well-intentioned, Hedy Carlson soon proves to be increasingly invasive..
Barbet Schroeder said himself that Single White Female was part of a sub-genre, the domestic thriller, which started with Fatal Attraction and which gave rise to a bounteous offspring in many formats. The idea of the double is present right from the start with the twin sisters, and the mise en scene from there on is based on a clear aesthetic motif: the mirror. “The apartment where the action takes place is a mishmash of doors and mirrors which breaks up or multiplies the space, depending on whether the two heroines attract or oppose each other”. (Christophe Gans; Starfix) “The first difficulty I had was to convince Columbia to finance a film with two unknown actresses, Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Without them I wouldn't have made the film”. (Barbet Schroeder)

Cast : Bridget Fonda, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Steven Weber, Peter Friedman, Stephen Tobolowsky, Frances Bay
Screenplay : Don Roos
Cinematography : Luciano Tovoli
Editing : Lee Percy
Music : Howard Shore

Production : Columbia Pictures

French distributor : Park Circus