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Films that were made by film makers since they were first discovered at Premier Plans.

Screenings : saturday 20 - 2:15 pm - Les 400 coups S5 - presented and followed by a debate with the directors
runtime : 1h28

Facing the Beast

Emma Benestan, Adrien Lecouturier
2017 - France - Documentaire - 26mn
Theo, 14, dreams of being a manadier. He starts his apprenticeship, guided by his boss, Mickaël. Over the summer, Theo has to test his dream and face the beast.
Born in Montpellier, Emma Benestan grew up in the South of France. After having joined La Fémis in the editing department she turned to writing and made three short films, Toucher l'horizon, Belle gueule and Goût bacon selected for Premiers Plans. In parallel, she runs video workshops with teenagers, especially with the association Mille Visages. These workshops nourish her writing.
After studying philosophy, Adrien Lecouturier joined INSAS in the image department. He splits his time between filmmaking,
Fiebres, Angel and Jeanne, and his job as a cinematographer.

Jeunes hommes à la fenêtre

Loukianos Moshonas
2017 - France - Fiction - 18mn
With Quentin Maussang, Charles Dugoujon, Sophie Sherman

By mistake, two graphic artists start playing with a scanner in the office. They put forward various hypotheses, opening up to one another, becoming so caught up they forget all about the strange images emerging from the machine.
Born in 1985 in Athens, Loukianos Moshonas is French and Greek, and he studied at the Beaux-Arts in Lyon, Famu in Prague and le Fresnoy in Lille. His film Manodopera was selected for Premiers Plans in the Free Style section in 2017.

Gros chagrin

Céline Devaux
2017 - France - Fiction, animation - 15mn
With Swann Arlaud, Victoire Du Bois

Give it time. You'll get over it. Jean celebrates his birthday, gets drunk and recalls the dreadful weekend that led to his break-up with Mathilde.
Céline Devaux is a director and illustrator born in 1987. After her studies in Literature and History, she continued at L'Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Her final film project, Vie et Mort de l'Illustre Grigori Efimovitch Raspoutine, was selected and awarded a prize for Premiers Plans in 2013. Her latest short film, Sunday Lunch, was selected for Premiers Plans in 2016 and the same year won the César for best animated short film.


Vincent Tricon
2017 - France - Fiction - 29mn
With Léo Allard, Valentine Cadic, Daphné Patakia

It is 2066. Camille and Génésis have been walking on an immense beach for months. They are looking for Glister, the machine they arrived with, and by which they would like to leave. Especially Camille.
Born in Evry, Vincent grew up in Alès in the South of France. He studied cinema in
Montpellier, and then joined La Fémis, in the editing section. He currently works as an editor. After
Brûle Cœur, selected for Premiers Plans in 2016, Glister is his second film.