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Films that were made by film makers since they were first discovered at Premier Plans.

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David Jansen
2018 - Germany - Animation - 15mn
The ocean. The vastness of the sea. A whale cow and her calf. In Blau the life and mythology of these giant marine mammals are woven into one fantastical story.
Born in Wipperfürth, Germany, David Jansen trained as a process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology. From 2006 to 2013 he took a foundation degree in media arts at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM). He currently lives with his family in Cologne and works as a freelance animation filmmaker. His film Däwit was screened in 2016 at Premiers Plans.

When comes the night

Rachel Lang et Jérémy Forni
2018 - France - Fiction - 25mn
With Delphine Gleize, Iliana Zabeth, Felix Lefebvre, Lazare Gousseau

Marie, 22, works in her parent's hotel-restaurant, a place of hard work where three generations mix but barely speak to each other. Suzanne, 42, shows up for the night.
After two years studying philosophy in parallel to the conservatoire d'art dramatique in Strasbourg, Rachel Lang went to the IAD in Belgium. While there she made Pour toi je ferai bataille (For You I Will Fight), screened in Angers in 2011.

After a joint degree in History and Audiovisual Studies, Jérémy Forni continued at the ESAV (Toulouse). Graduating in 2008 with a masters in directing he decided the following year to found his own production company, Chevaldeuxtrois. He produced
Les Navets blancs empêchent de dormir (White Turnips Stop You Sleeping) (2012) and Baden Baden (2016), both of which were selected for Angers and directed by Rachel. La Nuit je mens is the first film they have co-directed together.

Solar Walk

Réka Bucsi
2018 - Denmark - Animation - 21mn
Solar Walk shows the journey of individuals and their creations on through time and space. Any meaning of action is only existent from the perspective of the individual, but never mandatory when looking at it from the perspective of a solar system. It's about the melancholy of accepting chaos as beautiful and cosmic. Passion for creation is projected through the unique and playful texture of the animation craft itself.
Réka Bucsi, born in 1988, is a Hungarian animated film director. She studied in the Animation Department of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Her films have been screened in a number of festivals. Her short film Love was screened at Premiers Plans in 2017.

Castle to Castle

Emmanuel Marre
2018 - Belgium - Fiction - 40mn
With Francine Atoch, Pierre Nisse

Spring 2017, during the French presidential election. Pierre, who is 25 and on a scholarship for a prestigious Parisian School, is housed by Francine, who is 75, disabled and confined to her wheelchair. Both are puzzled and disoriented as they witness the electoral circus that's playing out. Their political opinions and social backgrounds are opposite, but they still confide in each other. While waiting for the verdict from the ballot box, Pierre tries to look after Francine's body while Francine tries to heal Pierre's resentment.
Emmanuel Marre likes forests, lumberjacking, poetry and architecture. He has also worked as an operator in an HLM office (French social housing), as a waiter and a living model for an academy. After running away from Paris and literature studies, he went to IAD (Institut des Arts de Diffusion) in Belgium. He now shares his time between documentaries (Chaumière / Rooms Without a View) and fiction films (La Vie qui va avec / A Life That Fits In, selected for Angers in 2009, Le Petit Chevalier / The Little Knight, Le Film de l'été).