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running time: 1h22

Fragment de drame

Laura Garcia
2018 - France - Fiction - 23mn
With Marie Champion, Grégoire Tchanakian et Boris Sztulman

Emilien, a hypochondriac piano teacher is going through a difficult period of mourning: six months ago, the person he loved died in an accident. Emilien's everyday life is suddenly disrupted by unexpected visits from his deceased beloved girlfriend.
Laura Garcia joined La Fémis in 2014 in the Directing department after a Bachelor's degree in drama. Fragment de drame is his graduation film.

L'Autre sur ma tête

Julie Colly
2018 - France - Fiction - 09mn
With Quentin Dolmaire, Lilith Grasmug, Dani, Mathias Pradenas, Joris Avodo, Céline Fuhrer

It grew during a moist summer night. This strange outgrowth in the middle of Nanni's face. Maybe the answer lies in the park, with sweet flowers surrounding him? Or unless it's under the skirt of Alouette, which shudders with mystery? Between these two teenagers, the attraction begins.
After studying literature and a Masters in political at the Sorbonne, Julie Colly joined La Fémis in the Production department in 2013.

Les Choses du dimanche

Thomas Petit
2018 - France - Fiction - 21mn
With Quentin Dolmaire, Hamza Meziani, Tobias Nuytten, Louise Orry-Diquéro

Alban had prepared everything so his friends would have a good time in Paris. But caught up in his feelings and exhausted from pulling all-nighters, he loses control of what would otherwise be an ordinary Sunday.
While a student at La Fémis, Thomas Petit got a double selection at Premiers Plans in 2018 for Le Cavalier seul (The Lone Ranger) and Le Grand Calme (Dead Calm).

Paula sans lui

Maéva Berol
2018 - France - Fiction - 21mn
With Marine Champain, Prune Varey, Zoé Chadeau, Boris Bincoletto, Clément Jandard

Paula is living her first big heartache. Her two best friends Maude and Lola decide to take her mind off things for a week-end, in a small village in the south of France.
Born in the West of France, Maéva Berol entered La Fémis in 2014, in the Image department. Paula sans lui (About Love) is her graduation film.

Une nuit en enfer

Clément Ghirardi
2018 - France - Fiction - 08mn
There are three kinds of lighthouses: those built on the mainland, called “Paradiise”, those on an island, “Purgatory”, and those in the middle of the ocean, “Hell”.
After studying music at the Conservatory, Clément Ghirardi studied at La Fémis in the Sound department. Une nuit en enfer (A Night in Hell) is his graduation film.