date festival


Panorama Femis

Screenings : tuesday 16 - 5:30 pm - Les 400 coups S5
runtime : 1h41

Let’s Dance

Mathilde Buy
2017 - France - Fiction - 23mn
With Saskia Cohen, Léo Curci, Sandrine Juglair, Frédéric Attard, Léa Noacco

Three young people wander through the night in Montmartre towards a celebration that is both joyful and devastating.

Little Jaffna

Lawrence Valin
2017 - France - Fiction - 20mn
With Lawrence Valin, Antonythasan Jesuthasan, Purshoothe Thayalan, Shageevan Paramsothy, Maathushan Arulneethan

In 2009, the Sri Lankan War is at its worst. 10,000 km away in the Tamil neighbourhood of Paris, Seelan sees his life change…

Stronger Than Me

Hania Ourabah
2017 - France - Comédie - 16mn
With Hania Ourabah, Augustin Petit

It's tricky business finding a job in Cergy-Préfecture! Hania's been looking, but to no avail. When she encounters Yann Simon – a young and motivated civil servant in town to sit an entrance exam – it's love at first sight. A romantic (and administrative) imbroglio is on the cards…

The Portrait

Louis Richard
2017 - France - Documentaire - 42mn
The life of Jean-Pierre Richard, my father, recounted through all the images I inherited from him.