date festival


Free forms

A selection of the first works made without restrictions.

Programme 1
Screenings : tuesday 16 - 1:45 pm - Les 400 coups S1 - presented and followed by a debate with Karim Sayad and Valentina Novati - distributrice
runtime : 1h38

Find Fix Finnish

Sylvain Cruiziat, Mila Zhluktenko
2017 - Allemagne - Fiction - 20mn
Avec les voix de Mona Vojacek Koper, Nathan Carruthers, Paul Osswald

Find Fix Finish delves into the accounts of three military drone pilots as they tell the intimate story of the lives they observe on a day-to-day basis. The voyeuristic ocular perspective from a military drone can reduce people to pixels on a screen and a certain decontextualisation is almost necessary to deal with the fact that people can be killed on a push of a button. “Have you ever stepped on an anthill and not given it a second thought?”.
Sylvain Cruiziat is a Franco/German filmmaker born in1995. Mila Zhluktenko, born in 1991, is a Ukrainian/German filmmaker. They studied in the Documentary and Television Directing course at the University of Television and Film in Munich. Since their enrolment there, in 2014, they have directed several short films including the short documentary film Find Fix Finish. Their films have been screened at prestigious film festivals worldwide, winning multiple awards.

Of Sheep and Men

Karim Sayad
2017 - Suisse / France - Documentaire - 1h18
Algiers, Bab el Oued, 2016. 16-year-old Habib decides to train a ram called El Bouq, hoping to make it a champion in sheep fighting. Samir, 42, is trying to survive the difficulties of his everyday life by selling sheep. As Eid approaches and the whole country is preparing to sacrifice a sheep, a unique opportunity opens up for Samir to increase his profits. But for Habib, it's another story. Will El Bouq become a champion? Or will he be destined for a more tragic end?
Karim Sayad was born in Lausanne in 1984 from an Algerian father and a Swiss mother. After gaining his Masters in international relations form the Institut des hautes études internationales et du développement de Genève (IHEID),he made his first documentary, Babor Casanova (2015), which was selected for Locarno.

Programme 2
Screenings : wednesday 17 - 1:45 pm - Les 400 coups S1 - presented by Bianca Lucas
runtime : 1h22


Bianca Lucas
2017 - Bosnie Herzegovine - Fiction - 22mn
With Amir Tatic, Emese Vasvari, Alena Dzebo, Dino Olivier, Hana Agic, Enver Hasic, Ivica Pinjuh

Alen joins a local psychodrama workshop led by a therapist with a messiah complex. He is embraced by the group at once. As the therapy progresses, the reenactments during the sessions become more extreme. The question is, are they based on real memories or on a collective fantasy?
Of Polish and Australian origin, Bianca Lucas has lived and worked in Warsaw, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Sarajevo and Paris. She graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2010 with a BA in media studies. In 2016, she finished a three-year filmmaking course helmed by Hungarian filmmaker Bela Tarr in Sarajevo. Her first short film, Before Passing, has been screened at international festivals such as IFF Rotterdam, New Horizons IFF, Sarajevo IFF, Reykjavik IFF. Bogeyman - her second published short film and also graduation film –had its world premiere at the Winterthur International Short Film Festival. She is currently based in Paris.

Playing Men

Matjaz Ivanisin
2017 - Slovénie / Croatie - Documentaire - 1h00
Everybody knows that playing is a serious matter. Director Matjaž Ivanišin is confident about that, and he has chosen to take us to a strictly male world. We get to see men striking punching balls at a funfair, clinching each other roughly until the shoulders of their opponents touch the ground, trying to excel at throwing heavy rounds of cheese through the narrow streets of villages, competing at screaming the numbers obtained by adding their raised fingers, etc. Sports deemed noble or tavern hobbies, peaceful leisure activities or amusements infused with barely contained violence, and although incongruous at times, all these games clearly have a touch of archaism about them.
Matjaz Ivanisin is a writer and a filmmaker. He graduated from the Slovene National Film School in 2007.

Programme 3
Screenings : thursday 18 - 1:45 pm - Les 400 coups S1 - presented and followed by a debate with Elene Naveriani
runtime : 1h29

Das satanische Dickicht - DREI

Willy Hans
2017 - Allemagne - Fiction - 22mn
With Charlotte Holst, Lars Rudolph, Ruth Marie Kröger, Janko Kahle , Levin Liam , Kian Erk , Ben Siebold , James Lamptey

The first vacation day on the campsite. Mimi is looking for contact with other children her age, Karl wants to swim with his crocodile, papa is hungry and mom has forgotten the sandwiches at home. Suddenly the caretaker's little bunny Fernando has disappeared. One thing is for sure: there is chaos everywhere.
Willy Hans was born in Freiburg in 1982. He lives and works in Hamburg where he studied at the University of Fine Arts with Angela Schanelec, Wim Wenders and Andreas Slominski. He is a founding member of the Spengemann Eichberg Goldkamp Hans film collective. The short films Das satanische Dickicht - EINS and ZWEI were screened at numerous international film festivals.

Drop of Sun (I Am Truly A Drop of Sun on Earth)

Elene Naveriani
2017 - Suisse / Géorgie - Fiction - 1h07
April works as a prostitute in Tbilissi. One night she approaches a new client, Dije a young Nigerian refugee, who has arrived in Georgia by mistake. Step by step they develop a mysterious relation. In black and white, the movie draws the portrait of two rootless souls and of a contemporary city.
Born in 1985 in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 2003, she studied painting at the State Academy of Art, in Tbilisi. In 2007, she graduated from the Art academy with a collective diploma work. She then worked in the art collective LOTT for 5 years. In 2009, she took a Masters in the CCC Programme (critical curatorial cybermedia). She went on to study at HEAD (Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design) in Genève, in the cinema/documentary department. She graduated in 2014.

Programme 4
Screenings : friday 19 - 1:45 pm - Les 400 coups S1
runtime : 1h26

Le Ventre vide

Flore Bleiberg
2017 - Belgique - 13mn
With Marius Huguenin, Sarah Ber

An empty city. The wind blows. A boy wanders, observing the world in all its strangeness. A girl sits alone.
Flore Bleiberg has experimented with various approaches to the cinematic form: writing and directing, alone or collectively, in independent labs or for art galleries. By way of valuable collaborations, notably in the theatre, she is slowly building up her experience as a multiform director. With her latest film, Close in Your Arms, she is embarking on a more traditional path, it might seem…

Stranger in Paradise

Guido Hendrikx
2016 - Pays-Bas - Documentaire - 1h13
With Valentijn Dhaenens

In a classroom in Sicily, just inside the walls of Fortress Europe, recently arrived refugees receive lessons from a teacher who has some rather unbalanced traits. One moment he mercilessly rejects the refugees – the next, mollifyingly, he embraces them. Operating at the intersection of documentary and fiction, Stranger in Paradise investigates the power relations between Europe and refugees.
Guido Hendrikx (1987) was born in Eindhoven. He quit his medical sciences study early to work and study abroad. Returning to The Netherlands, he studied Liberal Arts & Sciences, focussing on courses in philosophy, criminology, film studies, and journalism. In 2010, he directed his first short film, Day is Done. In Parallel, he enrolled at the Netherlands Film Academy to study Documentary Directing. As a student, he directed the award-winning shorts Escort and Onder Ons, and co-wrote the script for the short fiction Fernweh.