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Free forms

A selection of the first works made without restrictions.
Feature films
The Challenge

The Challenge

Yuri Ancarani
2016 - Italie / France / Suisse - 1h09
Falconry has a history of more than 40 centuries. In the mediaeval West, it was one of the great passions of the aristocracy, but today it maintains all its prestige in contemporary Arab culture. Three years of observation in the field to capture the spirit of this tradition which makes it possible for the person doing it to keep a close bond to the desert, in a context usually dominated by urban life. A falconer accompanying his birds has an important tournament in Qatar guides us through this journey.
Screenings : monday 23 - 1:45 pm - Les 400 coups S1



Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu
2016 - Allemagne / Moldavie - 1h46
With Ana Morari, Andrei Morari, Dragoş Scutelnicu, Petru Roşcovan, Veronica Cangea, Vasile Brînză, Willem Menne, Andrei Sochircă

Anişoara is a 15-year old girl from a small village in Moldova, situated in a picturesque valley between rolling hills. Alone with her old grandfather, Petru, and her little brother Andrei, life is calm but archaic. It is the last year of Anişoara's childhood in this valley, before she takes off into her adult life.
Screenings : tuesday 24 - 4:30 pm - Les 400 coups S1

Short films
Screenings : wednesday 25 - 1:45 pm - Les 400 coups S1
Runtime : 1h34


Jasmijn Schrofer
2016 - Pays Bas - 17mn
Tarikat is a visual poem of a journey towards enlightenment. Called by a mystic dream, Derya finds herself among souls steeped in the Islamic Sufi tradition. They join in hypnotic movements and stirring rhythms.
Before I Sleep

Before I Sleep

Nikolay Todorov
2016 - Bulgarie - 29mn
With : Dimitar Nikolov, Lora Nikolaeva

A boy and a girl make a step into the unknown. They are left homeless while they are expecting their baby to be born. Together they leave the familiar world and set out into the unknown.
Fiesta Forever

Fiesta Forever

Jorge Jacome
2016 - France - 20mn
With : Daniel Pizamiglio, David Cabecinha, Deborah Kristal, Ewan Golder, Jorge Jacome, Shirley Bruno

Abandoned disco clubs, old dreams and future lovers.


Loukianos Moshonas
2016 - France / Grèce - 28mn
With : Antino Katro, Loukianos Moshonas, Panagiotis Oikonomopoulos, Anastasis Roubakos, Nicolas Dervenoulias

An immigrant worker renovates a flat. Young men reflect on their existence. Down the lower-ground floor, as the seasons go by, an Albanian worker and an upper-class young man renovate a flat. High on the rooftop, as night falls go by, the young man and his friends reflect on their existence.