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European animated films


Lucija Mrzliak
2016 - Estonie - 02mn

Screenings : tuesday 24 - 2:00 pm - Centre de congrès wednesday 25 - 11:45 am - Les 400 coups S1
Life is not easy in the corner, in the angle where two edges meet. Everything is geometrically relative when perspective lines and laws of gravity start playing tricks on you.
Lucija Mrzliak
Lucija Mrzljak, animation film director and illustrator, was born in Zagreb in 1990. She studied at the Academies of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Krakow, Prague and Tallinn. She completed her MA in Animation in Estonia as a student of Priit and Olga Pärn and got her first professional experience as an animator in Joonisfilm studio. She now works as a film director and a freelance illustrator.

Screenplay, image, animation : Lucija Mrzliak

Production : Estonian Academy of Arts