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Programme 3

On the Other Side of the Pillow a Rose Was Blossoming

Dragana Jovanović
2017 - Allemagne - 26mn

Screenings : wednesday 17 - 4:45 pm - Centre de congrès thursday 18 - 9:30 am - Les 400 coups S1
In a remote mountain village, Maria keeps waiting for her beloved husband who left for seasonal work abroad, but his journey back home lasts longer than expected.
Maria is convinced that her infertility is the reason for her husband's absence.
In an attempt to find the cure for her imaginary sickness, Maria performs magical rituals in front of three old village women. After the last ritual, Maria falls into a long, deep sleep.
Dragana Jovanović
Born in 1985 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Dragana Jovanović graduated in 2009 from the Production Department of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade. In 2013, she enrolled in a post-graduate programme focusing on Film Directing and Writing at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne. She graduated in 2017. On the Other Side of the Pillow a Rose Was Blossoming is her graduation film.

Cast : Milica Stefanović, Antonello Scarpelli, Cveta Ilić, Vladana Radovanović, Zora Gavrilović
Screenplay : Dragana Jovanović
Cinematography : Mahmoud Belakhel
Sound : Antonello Scarpelli, Nikola Medić
Editing : Dragana Jovanović

Production : Academy of Media Arts Cologne

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