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Áron Szentpéteri
2017 - Hongrie - 31mn

Screenings : friday 19 - 4:45 pm - Centre de congrès
Two people meet in the dark. They get closer and move apart from each other by crossing blurry boundaries. Boundaries that exist between and within people and are mostly invisible. Not only for the blind.
Áron  Szentpéteri
Áron Szentpéteri was born in 1987. He started studying film directing at the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest (SZFE) in 2015, in the class of Ildikó Enyedi. He is currently working on his graduation film.

Cast : Tamás Barkó, Bettina Józsa, Jákob Ladányi, Áron Ócsvári
Screenplay : Áron Szentpéteri
Cinematography : Zoltán Dévényi
Sound : Andor Horváth
Editing : Anna Vághy
Music : Jerome Li-Thiao-Té

Production : University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest (SZFE) : Áron Szentpéteri, Mónika Mécs, András Muhi

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