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Neven Samardžić
2017 - Bosnie Herzegovine - 38mn

Screenings : tuesday 16 - 4:45 pm - Centre de congrès wednesday 17 - 9:30 am - Les 400 coups S1
Fudo is a junky who decides to go clean from heroin, after seeing his best friend die from an overdose. As he tries to survive, being homeless and penniless, he realises people don't believe his change is real. His hopes hinge on his mother, but getting through to her gets harder than he thinks.
Neven Samardžić
Neven Samardžić was born in 1986 in Sarajevo. In 2017 he graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo. He wrote and directed student short movies and student plays at the Academy of Performing Arts. Professionally, he did four stand up shows, two music videos and worked as an assistant director and director on a documentary series Hoću kući for Al Jazeera Balkans. Čistoća is his senior thesis film.

Cast : Nerman Mahmutović, Mirela Lambić, Aleksandar Seksan, Davor Golubović, Benjamin Bajramović, Sanin Milavić, Mirvad Kurić, Admir Šehović, Edin Avdagić Koja, Ivana Vojinović
Screenplay : Neven Samardžić
Cinematography : Amel Đikoli
Sound : Predrag Doder
Editing : Saša Peševski

Production : ASU Sarajevo, Refresh Production

Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo (ASU)
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ASU was established in 1981 as an Academy with an acting department only, the first institution of its kind in Bosnia Herzegovina. In time Academy expanded its scope and now operates with four departments, both on BA and MA level: Acting,
Directing, Writing and Production. There is one sub-department for camera, editing and sound design. With heavy praxis-orientated courses in its core, Academy quickly gained good reputation throughout the region of ex – Yugoslavia. Today, Academy attracts many foreign students who make up to 40% percent of all the students, the fact we take as a clear sign of our openness and high quality work.