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Programme 3

Abdi Logic

Logique Abdi

Bruno Rino Nesin
2019 - Belgium - 26mn

Screenings : wednesday 22 - 2:30 pm - CDC - Amphi jardin thursday 23 - 9:30 pm - CDC - Amphi jardin
How do you choose between your place of origin, your place of residence and the place of your dreams? The poetic meditation of a young man searching for answers with the help of his friend, Abdi.
Bruno Rino Nesin
After obtaining a degree in Mathematics, Bruno Rino Nesin pursued his passion for photography and cinema by joining the INSAS Film School, where he studies Film Directing. Brought up in various countries by a Turkish father and a Portuguese mother, only able to communicate in French, he has found a way of expressing his fascination with the search of identity through the audiovisual medium.

Screenplay : Bruno Rino Nesin
Cinematography : FĂ©lix Moy
Sound : Emeline Poyrault, Mathilde Bernet, Philippe Baudhuin
Editing : Ninon Dejarnac

Production : INSAS - Atelier de réalisation

International sales : INSAS