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Programme 4

100 nuits avec Robert Walser

Agathe Lartigue
2019 - France - 36mn

Screenings : thursday 23 - 2:30 pm - CDC - Amphi jardin friday 24 - 10:00 pm - CDC - Amphi jardin
Nobody is interested in the poet Robert Walser, except “her”, the narrator. At least that's what she claims. It is likely that her obsession with the writer has totally torn her away from the world and away from others. The attention she demands from her rare associates - a boy met in a nightclub, her roommate Beatrice - is never really offered to him. Robert Walser's romantic and revered prose may not be entirely unrelated to the procrastination of his film diary.
Agathe Lartigue
Agathe Lartigue graduated from the Villa Arson in 2013. She founded Cubs editions in 2018 with artist Julie Buffard-Moret, a structure dedicated to the creation of a magazine - developed in residence at the Delme Contemporary Art Centre in 2019 - and collective experiences on wildlife documentary. She continues to write short films for future productions.

Cast : Augustin Shackelpopoulos, Agathe Lartigue, Lucille Diacono, Caroline Racoupeau, Sophie Demmler, Phillipe Delaoutre
Screenplay et montage : Agathe Lartigue
Sound : Agathe Lartigue, Paul Jousselin

Production : The cup of tea, Christophe Audeguis