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Programme 1

Bird Island

L'Île aux oiseaux

Maya Kosa, Sergio da Costa
2019 - Switzerland - 1h00

Screenings : monday 20 - 2:30 pm - CDC - Amphi jardin - presented and followed by a debate with the directors tuesday 21 - 10:00 pm - CDC - Amphi jardin
After a long period of isolation, Antonin, a young man suffering from persistent exhaustion, rediscovers the world at a wild bird sanctuary. In this strange place wounded birds and lost souls cohabit, lulled by the ubiquitous sounds of aeroplanes.
Maya Kosa, Sergio da Costa Maya Kosa, Sergio da Costa
Born in Geneva in 1985, Maya Kosa has a degree in cinema from the Haute École d'art et de design (HEAD) in Geneva. She directed her graduation film with Sergio da Costa, L'Ingénieur et le Prothésiste, in 2010 and they co-directed Aux bains de la reine in 2012. Rio Corgo (2015), their first feature documentary premiered at the 2016 Berlinale.
Born in Lausanne in 1984, Sergio da Costa also graduated from Haute École d'art et de design (HEAD). While there, he directed two shorts before collaborating with Maya Kosa:
Entretien avec Almiro Vilar da Costa (2009) and Snack-bar Aquário (2010).

Bird Island
is their second feature film.

Cast : Antonin Ivanidze, Paul Sauteur, Emilie Bréthaut, Sandrine Bierna, Iwan Fasel, Patrick Jacot
Cinematography : Sergio da Costa
Sound : Xavier Lavorel, Maxence Ciekawy
Editing : Gabriel Gonzalez, Maya Kosa, Sergio da Costa
Assistante réalisation : Camille Vanoye

Production : Close Up Films - Joëlle Bertossa, Flavia Zanon

International sales : Close Up Films

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