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The Art of Time

In the presence of Serge Toubiana, Jean-Michel Frodon, Timothée Gérardin, Louis Mathieu, Yvelain Ducotey, Georges-François Perron, Patrick Querillacq, Sandrine Weil and Richard Minguell

"Cinema is the art of sculpting time", wrote Andrei Tarkovski. More than a stylistic tool, time is the very essence of film.
Film literally gives shape to time: it can break it up (The Killing) or take long sequences as a whole (Victoria). It can reorder events, remove them, tell several stories at the same time, sometimes with a different rhythm. It also enables us to feel the texture of time. Sometimes it stretches, days and weeks pass by and we observe the existence of characters caught up in a long duration of time (Hijacking). Sometimes, on the contrary, time is compressed, the countdown has begun, hours or minutes are charged with fear or hope (Elevator to the Scaffold). "The essence of great films is the invention of time", said Serge Daney. This retrospective explores the whole variety and wealth of the forms that this invention can take.

Short films

One Week
Short films programme
Short films programme
What Light
Short films programme

Feature films

High Noon
Fred Zinnemann
United States - 1952
The Killing
Stanley Kubrick
United States - 1956
Ingmar Bergman
Sweden - 1957
Ascenseur pour l'échafaud
Louis Malle
France - 1958
The Time Machine
George Pal
United States - 1960
Sanatorium pod Klepsydra
Wojciech Has
Poland - 1973
Don't Look Now
Nicolas Roeg
United Kingdom / Italy - 1973
The Dead Zone
David Cronenberg
United States / Canada - 1983
Der Himmel über Berlin
Wim Wenders
West Germany / France - 1987
Groundhog Day
Harold Ramis
United States - 1993
71 Fragmente einer Chronologie des Zufalls
Michael Haneke
Austria / Germany - 1994
Lost Highway
David Lynch
United States / France / United Kingdom - 1997
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Michel Gondry
United States - 2004
Toki o kakeru shōjo
Mamoru Hosoda
Japan - 2006
El laberinto del fauno
Guillermo del Toro
Spain / Mexico / United States - 2006
Nostalgia de la luz
Patricio Guzmàn
France / Germany / Chile - 2010
Camille redouble
Noémie Lvovsky
France - 2012
Tobias Lindholm
Denmark - 2012
Christopher Nolan
United States / United Kingdom - 2014
Sebastian Schipper
Germany - 2015