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Il mondo perduto

Vittorio de Seta
1959 - Italy - 1h41

10 short films made by Vittorio de Seta between 1954 and 1959 in southern Italy about the lives of peasants, fishermen, shepherds and miners in Sicily, Sardinia and the Aeolian Islands.
Vittorio de Seta was in charge of all the stages of these films: production, shooting, editing, sound. All of them were filmed in technicolour, most often in CinemaScope, and feature, without commentaries and accompanied only by the sounds of ancestral work and the melodies of popular songs, fishermen, shepherds, peasants and miners from the arid lands of southern Italy, Sicily, Sardinia or Calabria. These exceptional works, which are true testimonies of the past, were produced with few resources and place the de Seta between Robert Flaherty's documentary work and Jean Rouch's modern cinema.

Directeur de la photographie : Vittorio de Seta
Editing : Vittorio de Seta

Production : Vittorio de Seta, Astra Cinematografica, Le Pleiadi

French distributor : Carlotta