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Eden à l'Ouest

2009 - France / Greece / Italy - 1h50

Screenings : sunday 27 - 8:30 pm - Grand Théâtre - presented by Costa-Gavras - director - Michelle Ray-Gavras - producer - Ulrich Tukur - actor and Serge Toubiana - critique sunday 3 - 5:15 pm - Grand Théâtre
The odyssey of Elias, an illegal immigrant crossing the Mediterranean, who washes up on a nudist beach… He crosses Italy and France with the idea of getting to Paris where he potentially has a job. During his journey, which is littered with obstacles, disappointments and betrayals, he comes up against prejudice and the fear of foreigners …
To deal with the complex subject of the exile of migrants, Costa-Gavras and his co-writer Jean-Claude Grumberg chose to treat it in the form of a humanist fable. The coming of age journey of the candid Elias is pure present: we know nothing of the origins of the character, but his very presence is a sort of litmus test for the people he encounters. Riccardo Scarmaccio plays a sort of modern, wide-eyed and agile Buster Keaton facing the surrealist situations he has to cope with. Each of his adventures serves as a metaphor, each time he is the victim of rejection or the beneficiary of a kind act cruelly stresses, in his apparent naivety, a feature of our society.

Cast : Riccardo Scamarcio, Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos, Léa Wiazemsky, Tess Spentzos, Kristen Ross, Stella-Melina Vasilaki, Gil Alma, Éric Caravaca, Marisha Triantafyllidou, Constantine Markoulakis, Mona Achache
Screenplay : Costa-Gavras, Jean-Claude Grumberg
Cinematography : Patrick Blossier
Sound : Thanassis Arvanitis
Editing : Yannick Kergoat
Music : Armand Amar

Production : K.G. Productions, Pathé, France 3 Cinéma

French distributor : Pathé distribution