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French public readings - short films

lecture de scénario

Theses screenplay readings will be put to the audience vote. The winning screenplay will be pre-bought by France 2 (Histoires courtes). The reading is directed by Delphine Gleize. In partnership with L’Adami.

Saturday, January 19 at 16.00 - Centre de congrès, salle Fondation Gan - Free admission

Last year’s winning screenplay, is screened before the readings


LE LOCATAIRE Nadège Loiseau - 2012 . fiction . couleur . blu ray . 25’
Scénario Nadège Loiseau - Image Julien Poupard - Son Gautier Isern - Montage Frédéric Baillehaiche - Interprétation Fabienne Babe, Stéphane Wojtowitz, Françoise Bertin, Alice David
Production Les Films du Worso Christophe Barral, Toufik Ayadi, 38 boulevard Raspail, 75007 Paris, France / Tel : +33 (0)1 45 44 07 70 / Email :

Positive! Nicole’s pregnancy test is clear, she’s pregnant. Being 54 Nicole is far from ready for such a discovery. She is down to earth and pragmatic, not prone to despair and doubt, she tries to be a pillar to a family that totally depends on her. She has a full time job in a tollbooth which helps her to scrape through and feed her family and keep her house. But this news will shake up the family…
After studying fine arts, Nadège Loiseau worked in advertising. In 2005 he made Une femme parfaite, her first, self-produced short, and then in 2012, she directed Le Locataire produced by Les films du Worso, whose screenplay, read in 2012 at Premiers Plans, received the Audience Award.

screenplay ReadingS


Attends moi, j’arrive
screenplay: Pierre Glémet - production: Les Films du Clan

72-year-old Monique is taking some clothes to her husband who has been rushed to hospital following a fall. She is far from imagining that her trip to the hospital will turn out to be a genuine expedition.
  Pierre Glémet
After studying drama and a masters in scriptwriting and directing at the University of Paris 8 under the direction of Serge Le Péron, Pierre Glémet made short films and documentaries, while still writing in various forms: screenplays, short stories, chronicles and radio plays… After Transit, his medium-length graduation film, Attends-moi j’arrive is his first film in development with Les films du clan.

La Cause animale
screenplay: Nicolas Briand et Maya Haffar - production: Kometa Films

Lydie owns a small cattle farm, and her herd is facing decimation, poisoned by the waste from a neighbouring cosmetics plant. With her back to the wall financially, she tries to get compensation.

After studying cinema in Philadelphia, Maya Haffar started as a documentary producer and then worked as a production manager (notably on Louis Garrel’s Petit Tailleur). In 2012, she accompanied the writing of the script of Gorge Cœur Ventre, Maud Alpi’s first feature. She is also developing a documentary on Syria.

Maya Haffar
After studying cinema and aesthetics at University, Nicolas Brians went to La fémis, wher he took part in writing and directing around ten short films, including La Nuit tombée (2004), Les Chemins immobiles (2005) and Nos représailles (2006). He is currently developing a medium-length project and another feature.


screenplay: Nicolas Pleskof - production: Kazak Production

Petit Trianon, Versailles, 1770. Charlotte, a young Parisian salonnière who has come to grant her favours to Louis XV for her economic survival, is witness to an discussion between the sovereign and Baron Fontanelle, who has returned from the Indies with a monkey. Humiliated by the appallingly reactionary discourse of the Baron, Charlotte suggests entertaining the King by organising a dual between the primate and the aristocrat.
  Nicolas Pleskof

After studying literature, Nicolas Pleskof worked for several years as a production assistant for the cinema and for television, and then as an assistant director and casting director on features. As part of a continuing education programme he went to the Scriptwriting Workshop of La fémis, before making his first short, Zoo, in 2012, produced by Kazak Productions. This was read at Premiers Plans in 2012 and is part of the French short films in the official competition this year.