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Short films for kids

A program of animated short films made by young European directors and selected for young spectators from 6 years old. Inventive, poetic, moving or funny, films are all about universes to travel, characters to meet and stories to share.

New this year, this program is in official competition! Children are invited to vote to award the Mécène et Loire Young Audience Prize. The winning film will be announced at the closing party on Saturday January 26.

Screenings : Mai - 10:00 am - Les 400 coups S5
running time: 1h01

Vers un monde meilleur

Collectif Caméra-etc.
2018 - Belgium - Animation - 06mn
With the voices of 12 enfants de 8 à 12 ans

A group of children talk about exile.

TommeLise et l’Ogre

Cécile Robineau
2018 - France - Animation - 08mn
With the voices of Chloé Goret, Lia Khizioua, Christian Pelissier

An ogre lives alone and recluse in a huge garden where he spends his days eating and gardening. One day, he meets a very small woman who fell off the back of a swallow. An unusual friendship is born but their nature takes over: TommeLise wants to leave while the ogre's appetite wakes up.

Au large

Mathilde Pepinster
2019 - Belgium - Animation - 05mn
A big man thinks he is an Eskimo living on the ice floe, while for others he is just a crazy man messing up a supermarket by chasing a fish.

Hide N Seek

Barbora Halířová
2019 - Czech Republic - Animation - 07mn
Behind every children's game there is a story about the flow and perception of time. To win the game, the young boy becomes an old man and his life shrinks to a single game of hide and seek. Poetic visions are created from the memories of childhood giving a better understanding of the adult world.


Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle, Fabien Meyran
2019 - France - Animation - 05mn
In Lisbon, a couple of German tourists is about to get aboard the legendary n° 28 tramway, but what should you do when the brakes go and it takes off like a roller-coaster... with a baby on board.

La Vie de château

Nathaniel H’Limi, Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat
2019 - France - Animation - 29mn
With the voices of Frédéric Pierrot, Emi Lucas-Viguier, Anne Alvaro, Malcolm Vallet-Armellino, Céline Ronté, Julien Sibre

8-year-old orphan Violette goes to live with her uncle Régis, a caretaker at the Château de Versailles. Violette is shy, and she hates him: she thinks he stinks and she decides that she won't say a word to him. In the corridors of the Sun King, the stubborn little girl and the big gruff bear of a man will get to know each other and go through their grief together.