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L'Air numérique


A programme dedicated to digital creation and its authors.


Feature film

Sand and Blood

Matthias Krepp, Angelika Spangel
2017 - Autriche - 1h30
Sand und Blut (Sand and Blood) looks back at recent history in Iraq and Syria, from the point of view of those who emigrated to Europe in recent years. Whether it is because their village was taken over by troops of the Syrian army, crimes committed by various rebel groups or the destruction of their houses, war refugees can follow what is happening in real time thanks to videos on internet. Sand und Blut is made up exclusively of these videos film by militants, fighters and civilians. The protagonists comment on the images and often share their experiences.

Matthias Krepp, was born 1987 and is an Austrian film student and director. He studied Comparative Literature and History. In 2012 he was accepted into the directing class of Michael Haneke at the Vienna Film Academy. During his studies he directed several short films in collaboration with Angelika Spangel and Magdalena Gruber. Sand and Blood is his first feature length documentary film.
Angelika Spangel was born 1987 and is an Austrian cinematography student. She studied Educational Sciences and received her degree in 2012. Since 2013 she has studied cinematography in the class of Wolfgang Thaler at the Vienna Film Academy. She has worked on several short films with Matthias Krepp and Magdalena Gruber.

“During the research period a new aspect emerged, which shaped the general aesthetics of the film: social media and the easy access to recording technology allow refugees to follow actions and crimes happening in their countries in real time, whether it is the Syrian army reconquering their villages, rebels, peaceful protesters, or ISIS. The people we met started to substantiate their statements, positions and stories by showing us video or photographic material. It felt just natural to integrate this aspect into the film. Consequently, this formal approach offers a new perspective on this heavily discussed topic and gives the audience the opportunity to step back, reflect and ask questions which go beyond newspaper headlines and daily politics. I have always been drawn towards films or works of literature that moved me, emotionally and intellectually. Films that try to superficially affect me or push me in a certain direction do nothing for me. That is why I have never wanted to make an educational film, forcing an opinion onto my audience (…). I consider
Sand and Blood more as a painting or a poem than a political film”.

Screenings : wednesday 17 - 2:00 pm - Les 400 coups S5 - presented and followed by a debate with Matthias Krepp

Short films
From Calls, which came out on internet before becoming a sound series on Canal+, to unprecedented forms of production such as 3e scène, a musical short performed live and broadcast over the internet, this programme groups together innovations which show how the internet has become an integral part of creation today.

Screenings : wednesday 17 - 4:45 pm - Les 400 coups S5 - presented by Youssoupha Diaby - actor and Timothée Hochand - director
runtime : 1h30


Jean-Baptiste Saurel
- France - 02mn

Everlasting Gelatin

Hadrien Téqui
2016 - France - 11mn

Drone Alphabet

Stanislas Giroux
2017 - France - 01mn


Timothée Hochet
2016 - France - 10mn

Wait for it

Andy Lambert
2017 - Royaume-Uni - 01mn

Adieu bohème

Cosme Castro, Jeanne Frenkel
- France - 25mn


Johann Dorlipo, Le woop
- France - 02mn


Moshe Rosenthal
2017 - Israël - 10mn

5e Jour à New York

Augustin Shackelpopoulos
2016 - France - 02mn

Not Normal

Matt MacDonald
- Royaume-Uni - 11mn

2D Run

Ilko lil illiev
- Bulgarie - 05mn


Aino Sunni, Jenni Tuli
- Finlande - 06mn

Blow up
For 7 years, 300 editions and 800 videos published, the webmagazine Blow Up has become an on-line space for film lovers and an increasingly followed digital creation area. It inventively and entertainingly brings to life the memory of cinema, standing out from interviews, news and other clippish reports. Since 2010, its creator, Luc Lagier, has been making innovative clips on objects, personalities, motifs (Who is Nicole Kidman? What is Milos Forman?), themed montages (Recut Swimming Pools in cinema), the top 5 (the taxi in cinema), entrances in film (series on credits or original soundtracks) …
But Blow up is also a space for collective creation, enabling artists, video artists, plastic artists, (Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Laetitia Masson, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Luc Moullet…) to come and experiment with the digital form the time of a carte blanche “play with images, subvert them and fetichise them” (Luc Lagier). Internet users could also give free rein to their creative imagination by creating their own Blow Up-style videos for the 300
th edition of the magazine. A selection of these videos will be presented at the Collégiale Saint-Martin.

Screenings : thursday 18 - 4:45 pm - Les 400 coups S5 - presented and followed by a debate with Luc Lagier
runtime : 1h16

Ascenseurs et Cinéma (Recut)

Luc Lagier
- France - 07mn

Pedro Almodovar en 6 minutes (Bio express)

Luc Lagier
- France - 06mn

David Fincher par Thierry Jousse (BO de films)

Luc Lagier
- France - 05mn

La Boum en 6 minutes (Zapping)

Luc Lagier
- France - 08mn

Chantal Akerman par Laetitia Masson (carte blanche)

Luc Lagier
- France - 09mn

Chargez ! (carte blanche)

Luc Lagier
- France - 05mn

Agnès Varda en 4 minutes

2015 - France - 05mn

Les Chanteuses au cinéma (inédit)

Luc Lagier
- France - 17mn

Voitures et Cinéma (recut)

Luc Lagier
- France - 11mn

Série à la collégiale
runtime : 10mn

Les Promesses du sol

Raphael Stora
- France - Documentaire - 00mn
Parisian hip-hop dancer Raphaël Stora found 15 years of personal archives, memories caught on the hoof, which marked his path. He is back behind the camera to meet new talents from Paris.


Timothée Hochet
2016 - France - 10mn
Artistic creation on YouTube, a video without images which went viral. Timothée went on to make a series.
“We have found telephone calls. Here is a recording of them”.