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European animated films

Mermaids and Rhinos

Victoria Traub
2018 - Hungary - 15mn

Screenings : saturday 2 - 2:00 pm - Le Quai - T900
8-year-old Matilda's memories of her family as surrealistic visions come into her mind: her life is full of grotesque, bizarre characters hungry for love. The acts of the present and the past are in constant transformation. The atmosphere of wistfulness, desire, passion and sorrow frames the story.
Victoria Traub
Viktoria Traub studied animation at MOME, a branch of the University of Art and Design in Budapest from 2002 to 2008, during which time he spent a year at ESAD, the Escole Superior de Artes e Design of Caldas da Rainha in Portugal.

Cast : Gertrúd Czinki, Ferenc Tüske, Léna Urbán, Júlia Farkas, Soma Mamagésa, Szabolcs Urbán, Polett Dus, László Csernátony Lukács
Voices : X
Screenplay : Polett Dus, Dorka Gergely, Viktória Traub
Animation : Dániel Bárány, Mirella Benes, Katalin Égely, Arnold Pál Réka, Farkas Júlia, Gacs Zoltán, Koska Anita, Szabó Kühnel, Gábor Mariai, András Menráth, Tina Orosz, Erika Riha, Viktória Traub, Csaba Zabos
Sound : Zoltán Vadon
Editing : Brigitta Bacskai, Lajos Polecsák
Music : Chris Allan Tod

Production : Polett Dus