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David Dell'Edera
2015 - Hongrie - 07mn

Screenings : saturday 28 - 2:00 pm - Centre de congrès
Midday heat and silence engulfs the streets of the downtown housing estate. A couple of kids play football in the shade of a nearby driveway. Residents huddle themselves up in their flats, doing their daily activities. In front of the panel building a man shows up.
David Dell'Edera
David Dell'Edera was born in Hungary. His graduation film, Balcony, was made with the Metropolitan University Budapest and Umbrella Studio. He is currently working as a director at Umbrella Studio, Budapest.

Screenplay : Dávid Dell'Edera
Sound : Tamás Zányi
Editing : Brigitta Bacskai, Dávid Dell'Edera
Music : Eszter Kovács

Production : Metropolitan University Budapest

French distributor : Metropolitan University Budapest