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Bram Schouw
2017 - Pays-Bas - 1h45

When Alexander suddenly leaves on a road trip to France, Lukas decides to join him as he's been trailing his charismatic brother for his entire life. But during this journey he discovers that he finally has to go his own way, not knowing this decision would be so all-encompassing.
Bram Schouw
Bram Schouw (1979) graduated with honours from the Utrecht School of the Arts. His graduation film Marriage was the official opening film for Curta Cinema Rio de Janeiro 2005. This was the beginning of a long stream of awards for Bram. In 2007 he co-directed the play Backspace for the festival Cinéma et Justice, organized by the French Embassy and Amnesty International. It was the first of many collaborations with (screen)writer Marcel Roijaards. Alongside his commercial work, Bram released his first feature film, Broers.

Broers I wanted to investigate the unique connection between two brothers. [...]Lukas is like a plant that's always been in the shadow of a huge tree. Only when the tree is chopped down the can plant catch the sunlight it needs to grow into a tree itself. After our short film Sevilla and Marcel's novel Rebel With Wings, Broers again refers to the Icarus theme […]. I'm fascinated by people who dare to risk everything to get the most out of life, precisely by also flirting with death. Alexander is like Icarus, a boy who faces life like a loose cannon. A rebel who always pushes the boundaries. In style and pace, I wanted to give the film the same mercurial character as the reckless antagonist. For both Lukas and the viewer, Alexander is at times difficult to follow. Gradually, the film calms down and Lukas finds his own heart beat." (Bram Schouw)

Cast : Jonas Smulders, Niels Gomperts, Christa Théret, Rufus, Hanna van Vliet, Patrick Descamps, Tim Linde
Screenplay : Marcel Roijaards
Cinematography : Jasper Wolf
Editing : Annelien van Wijnbergen
Music : Rutger Reinders

Production : Frank Hoeve and Katja Draaijer, BALDR Films