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Orkhan Aghazadeh
2018 - - 20mn

Screenings : tuesday 29 - 4:45 pm - Le Quai - T900 - followed by a debate with Réalisateurs wednesday 30 - 9:30 am - Les 400 coups S1
Kerim and Rena were in love, but had to marry other people. Despite the passing of time, their love is now prohibited and dangerous in the society they live in. On the hill where all villagers have to come to use mobile phones, they see each other every week, but can't display their feelings at all. The only secret way of expressing their love is through lights flashing in the darkness of night.
Orkhan Aghazadeh
After getting his bachelor degree in “Journalism and Mass Communications “ in the Baku Slavic University, Orkahn Aghazadeh then got a scholarship from the Ministry of Education and started his MA in Filmmaking at the London Film School.

Cast : Zulfiyye Nazar Mammadova, Seyad Aliyev
Screenplay : Orkahn Aghazadeh
Cinematography : Cameron Ward
Sound : Adalat Khalilov
Editing : Razvan Barseti, Orkhan Aghazadeh
Music : Memed Ansa

Production : Mina Salimi

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