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Elsa María Jakobsdóttir
2017 - Danemark - 30mn

Screenings : monday 15 - 4:45 pm - Centre de congrès tuesday 16 - 9:30 am - Les 400 coups S1
A young woman goes to a remote island to get away from it all, taking refuge at a modern studio utopia. Her stay is jarringly interrupted by an acoustic installation artist. Tension between the contrasting personalities rises as differing lifestyles and expectations clash.
Elsa María Jakobsdóttir
Elsa María Jakobsdóttir was born in Iceland and graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 2017 with Atelier. She had already directed two Teipio gengur in 2008 and Megaphone in 2013 before graduating.

Cast : Rosalinde Mynster, Anna Rothlin, Oscar Töringe, Marijana Jankovic
Screenplay : Elsa María Jakobsdóttir
Cinematography : Annika Aschberg
Sound : Toke Gelardi Rønsholdt
Editing : Mark Bukdahl
Music : Johan Carøe

Production : Anna Malmkjær Willumsen, The National Film School of Denmark

The National Film School of Denmark DDF
Elizabeth Rosen
+45 4171 8911
Theodor Christensens Pl. 1, 1437 København K, Danemark

Founded in 1966, the DDF (Den Danske Filmskole) is a public cinema school in Denmark. Located on a pretty little island just off Copenhagen, it takes in, by selection, around 100 students in 4 programmes: cinema, television, scriptwriting and animation. Graduation films are broadcast on television for the whole of the population of Denmark.