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Programme 2



Kristina Kuzhakhmetova
2016 - Russie - 27mn

Screenings : tuesday 16 - 4:45 pm - Centre de congrès wednesday 17 - 9:30 am - Les 400 coups S1
In the vast fields of Altai, a territory at the other end of the world, some isolated teenagers search for meaning in their life. The possible answers seem doomed from the outset by a time without utopias. Though there is still poetry; that of words and that of images.
Kristina Kuzhakhmetova
Kristina Kuzhakhmetova is a director and a videographer born in Kazakhstan. She lived in Arkhangelsk, Russia and studied at the University of SPbGIK in the workshop of Edgar Bartenev and Alexander Savchuk in St. Petersburg between 2011-2016.

Screenplay, image & montage : Kristina Kujahmetova
Sound : Vlad Kondakov

Production : St. Petersburg State University of Culture (SPbGIK)

St. Petersburg State University of Culture (SPbGIK)
Palace Embankment, 2-4, Sankt-Peterburg, Russie, 191186

Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture is one of the biggest study and continuing education centres for specialists in the field of culture and the arts, the leader of humanities and creative education in Russia. The Faculty of Arts has been preparing specialists in art culture and art education for more than 50 years focusing on music, stage and screen arts. SSPbGIK provides a specialist degree in Cinema and Television Direction.