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Programme 1

Automne malade

Lola Cambourieu, Yann Berlier
2019 - France - 30mn

Screenings : monday 20 - 2:30 pm - CDC - Amphi jardin - presented and followed by a debate with the directors tuesday 21 - 10:00 pm - CDC - Amphi jardin
Troubled by her mother's sickness, Milène leaves Paris to revise for her exams. Seeking calm on a farm in the Auvergne, she struggles to concentrate. The surrounding countryside and her encounter with Momo help her forget about her problems, but then autumn arrives. Time is running out.
Lola Cambourieu, Yann Berlier Lola Cambourieu, Yann Berlier
Lola Cambourieu graduated from the Cours Florent. After acting and directing for the stage, she gradually devoted herself to directing movies and became interested in the porosity between documentary and fiction.
Yann Berlier taught philosophy after a Masters in Political Philosophy and Applied Ethics at the Paris-Sorbonne University. He ended up leaving teaching to devote himself to cinema.
Together, they created their own film production company, Réalviscéralisme.

Cast : Milène Tournier, Michel Maciazek, Alexandra Odronneau, Nina Gattier
Screenplay Cinematography & Editing : Lola Cambourieu, Yann Berlier
Sound : Hugo Rossi
Music : Jean-Noël Horvais

Production : Réalviscéralisme, Lola Cambourieu, Yann Berlier