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Programme 4


Blanca Camell Gali
2019 - France - 16mn

Screenings : thursday 23 - 2:30 pm - CDC - Amphi jardin friday 24 - 10:00 pm - CDC - Amphi jardin
Anna, who has moved abroad, returns to Barcelona for a few days. Back in her home city, she is haunted by her past love Alex as she walks through the neighbourhood they used to live in. However, mass tourism has seriously changed the city, and, when Anna discovers that their old apartment is now an Airbnb rental, a flood of memories overwhelms her.
Blanca Camell Gali
Blanca Camell was born in 1990 in Barcelona, Spain. She graduated in cinema from the University of Barcelona and Paris 8. She directed L'oreig and Ídols before entering Le Fresnoy film school.

Cast : Bàrbara Balcells Matas, Guillem Camprodon Pujol, Helena Santacana Ricart, Montse Vila Cuixarts, Joaquim Delgado Belmonte
Screenplay : Blanca Camell Gali
Cinematography : José Lopez Pizarro
Sound : Oriol Donat Martos, Marion Papinot, Romain Ozanne
Editing : Mario Valero Palacin, Marc Roca Vives

Production : Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains