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European short films

Staying (Aros Mae)

Zillah Bowes
2020 - United Kingdom - 19mn

Ruth, a newly divorced gallery manager selling her city home, sees a video of a sheepdog, Mick, for sale. She visits farmer Huw and his wife Megan in the remote hills.
Zillah Bowes
Zillah Bowes is a Welsh/English writer and director. She trained at the National Film and Television School in the UK, where she was awarded the Kodak Scholarship, and has made films as a director and cinematographer which have been shown world-wide. Her debut as a director was the short documentary Small Protests. Zillah has worked as a director on documentaries for BBC, Channel 4 and online, and has collaborated on films and music videos with artist Martin Creed. As a cinematographer, her feature films include Enemies of Happiness. Staying (Aros Mae) is her first fiction film as a writer and director.

Cast : Lisa Jên Brown, Stephen 'Stella' Pugh, Kerena Pugh, Kayed Mohamed-Mason, Ian Rees, Mick
Screenplay : Zillah Bowes
Cinematography : Robbie Ryan
Sound : Simon Fraser
Editing : Matteo Bini

Production : Sixteen Films