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European short films

The Animal

Sebastian Kåss
2018 - Norway / France - 25mn

Screenings : saturday 26 - 4:45 pm - Le Quai - T900 - followed by a debate with Réalisateurs tuesday 29 - 11:30 am - Les 400 coups S1
Siri, 15, receives a call from the child protection services who have heard that she might be facing problems in her family. A visit is planned to her house on Saturday. Siri has two days to regain control over her life and give the illusion of a healthy and happy family environment. She receives the help of her friend Arne whom she is in love with. But when the rumour that she's selling cannabis starts to circulate, everything races out of control and Siri's world collapses. Alone and flanked by an unmanageable big brother, Siri, guided by a stubborn love, rebels against the community, the child protection services and the animal lurking deep inside her.
Sebastian Kåss
Sebastian Kåss, born in 1991 in Oslo, graduated in 2016 from the Norwegian Film School. He distinguished himself that same year with Forfalne, his short graduation film, which won awards in several festivals. He is currently writing his first feature film.

Cast : Emily Glaister, Edgar von Krogh Løvold, Herbert Nordrum, Sjur Vatne Brean, Ingvild Marie Lien
Screenplay : Sebastian Kass
Cinematography : Anton Österlund
Sound : Liew Ceng
Editing : Karl Sparre

Production : Pascal Barbier (À travers le Miroir), Déborah Hankey (Frokost Film)

French distributor : Manifest

International sales : Manifest Pictures