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Nora Twomey and Tomm Moore

In attendance with Tomm Moore

Irish animator Tomm Moore will be at the Festival Premiers Plans to present the work he has done with animator Nora Twomey, both co-founders of production company Cartoon Saloon in 1999. After graduating from the University of Ballyfermot in Dublin, they were able to gain international recognition after the release of The Secret of Kells in 2009, nominated for the Oscar for best animated film. The production was spread between several countries since the drawings were animated by the Kecskemét studio in Hungary, the colouring and 3D effects were provided by Digital-Graphics and Walking the Dog in Belgium, and the compositing was done by Spirit in France. The Secret of Kells is largely inspired by Irish history and folklore. Tomm Moore continued his career with Song of the Sea in 2014, where Nora Twomey also contributed to the animation. This also has is source in age-old tales since the film focuses on a selkie, a wonderful being which can change into a seal. Song of the Sea also received an Oscar nomination, the second for a production by the Irish animator. He then produced, again with Cartoon Saloon, The Breadwinner in 2017, directed by Nora Twomey, which was also nominated for the Oscars in 2018. The Festival Premiers Plans is delighted to present these three magical tales along with Tomm Moore.

The Secret of Kells
Tomm Moore, Nora Twomey
France / Belgium / Ireland - 2009
Song of the Sea
Tomm Moore
Ireland / Denmark / Belgium - 2014
The Breadwinner
Nora Twomey
Ireland / Canada / Luxembourg - 2017