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The Art of Time

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The Dead Zone

David Cronenberg
1983 - United States / Canada - 1h43

Screenings : saturday 26 - 7:30 pm - Multiplexe - 2 friday 1 - 10:15 pm - Multiplexe - 1
Following a car accident, Johnny Smith spends 5 years in a coma, at the end of which he wakes up to find he has lost his fiancée, who did not wait for him, and also his teaching position. He discovers though that he has psychic powers, and visions of the future appear to him when he touches other people. He uses his powers for the benefit of the community, but he finds himself faced with an unexpected moral dilemma…
With this adaptation of a Stephen King novel, David Cronenberg left the “horror ghetto” for his first 100 % Hollywood production, with Paramount. Despite its apparent classicism, The Dead Zone has an original mix of genres, blending the psychic fantasy theme with the typical 1970s paranoid thriller. In this sense, the presence of Christopher Walken, the deathly pale hero with his clairvoyant sight, is not innocent. Although the scissor killer unmasked by our hero is marking in its gory conclusion, the later part of the film reveals a more melodramatic aspect, continued by Cronenberg in The Fly.

Cast : Christopher Walken, Brooke Adams, Tom Skerritt, Herbert Lom, Anthony Zerbe, Colleen Dewhurst, Martin Sheen, Nicholas Campbell, Sean Sullivan, Jackie Burroughs
Screenplay : Jeffrey Boam
Cinematography : Mark Irwin
Editing : Ronald Sanders
Music : Michael Kamen

Production : Dino De Laurentiis Company, Lorimar Film Entertainment

French distributor : Lions Gate