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Maren Ade - Valeska Grisebach

In the presence of Valeska Grisebach

In three films each, Maren Ade and Valeska Grisebach have become strong representatives of the German new Wave. Both became known from making feature-length graduation films. For Maren Ade, it was Der Wald vor lauter Bäumen (The Forest for the Trees) which won a prize at the Sundance Festival and which tells the story of Melanie, a young teacher arriving at a school in a new city and who tries as best as possible to make friends there. Alongside her burgeoning directing career, Maren Ade founded the production company Komplizen Film, which soon attracted and produced a number of upcoming German (Sonja Heiss, Ulrich Köhler, Benjamin Heisenberg) and international talents (from Miguel Gomes to Sebastián Leilo). For Valeska Grisebach it was Mein Stern (Be My Star), a first feature presented at Premiers Plans in 2002, which is the story of a relationship between two teenagers who play at being husband and wife. The examination of a couple and the birth of a desire which throws everything off track if the subject of Valeria Grisebach's second film, Sehnsucht (Longing), which was presented in Angers in 2006. Alle Anderen (Everyone Else) is Maren Ade's second film and observes a couple on holiday in a state of latent crisis. The film won the Silver Bear in Berlin in 2009 and showed remarkable singularity. As in her following film, Toni Erdmann, presented in the official competition in Cannes, conflicts only emerge from the point of view of derision and humour. This film also made Maren Ade a recognised name, and met with both critical and public acclaim. It tells the story of an oddball father who weaves his way into his daughter's business life so that she can reflect on herself. One year later it was Valeska Grisebach's turn to be in Cannes and have greater recognition with Western. Here again, like Toni Erdmann, it is a film which, behind the complex relationships of a couple, reflects on the changes in the world we live in, in other words a still inegalitarian Europe.

Maren Ade

Alle anderen
Germany - 2009
Toni Erdmann
Germany / United Kingdom / Romania - 2016

Valeska Grisebach

Germany - 1999
Mein Stern
Germany / Austria - 2001
Germany - 2006
Germany / Bulgaria / Austria - 2017