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Béla Tarr

In February 2011, Béla Tarr presented The Turin Horse at the Berlinale. It would, he said, be his last film: the Hungarian filmmaker was 56 years old at the time.

Described as a radical filmmaker, making metaphysical films in a coaly black and white, Béla Tarr is best known for his work after 1988’s Damnation. However, he began his career at a very young, at just 22, in 1977, with Family Nest, in a style which is very different from the one he is usually associated with. Produced by Béla Balázs, highlighting the social realism style of the “Budapest School”, this first film features a large family sharing the same apartment. It is in this same documentary vein, examining the dashed hopes of communism, that he directed the colour film The Outsider in 1981, one of his least known films, which follows András, a young alcoholic violinist who self-destructs by rejecting the social conventions of Hungary in the 1980s. In 1984, with his last film in colour, the intense, claustrophobic chamber drama Autumn Almanac, Béla Tarr distanced himself from social realism and created a film with an aesthetic which was different both from his previous films and also from those that followed. After writing his first four films alone, he met László Krasznahorkai, a novelist who provided him with the necessary material to make his most successful films, Damnation, Satan's Tango in 1994 (7 ½ hours!), The Werckmeister Harmonies in 2000 and finally The Turin Horse, his last film. It is with these films that he achieved international recognition and influence from filmmakers as diverse as Gus Van Sant and László Nemes.

The Satan's Tango 4K restoration by Arbelos in collaboration with the Hungarian Filmlab under the supervision of Béla Tarr.
Family Nest, The Outsider and Damnation 4K restoration by Hungarian Film Institue- Film Archive & Filmab under the supervision of Béla Tarr.
Retrospective in association with Carlotta Films, which will release five of its titles in theatres from 12 February 2020. With thanks to Luxbox.

Családi tüzfészek
Hungary - 1977
Hungary - 1981
Hungary - 1988
Hungary / Germany / Switzerland - 1994
Werckmeister harmóniák
Hungary / Italy / Germany - 2000
A torinói ló
Hungary / France / Switzerland - 2011