The 11th edition of the Angers Workshops will welcome 8 young European directors and 1 scriptwriter from 7 countries.


Cristèle Alves Meir trained as an actress and is a stage director since the age of 20. She staged The Blacks, Splendid’s by Genet, Venui by Suzan-Lori Parks at the Athénée Théâtre Louis Jouvet. She directed a first documentary in Cape Verde, Som & Morabeza, about immigration in the Portuguese-speaking communities in Africa through the music and through the prism of the Angola’s youth to deal with social realities in Born in Luanda. Since 2008, Cristèle leads training workshops in acting in high school and students, under the auspices of the Scène Nationale de Saint-Quentin en Yvelines. After Sol branco (Quality Prize CNC 2015 and selected at Angers in 2015 in the French short films category), Cristèle directed her second short film also in Portugal, Campo de Víboras, which was selected at the Critics' Week in 2016. She is currently preparing her first feature film, Alma viva, developed at La Fémis (scenario Workshop 2015).

PROJET : ALMA VIVA| Production : FLUXUS FILMS (Gaëlle Mareschi)
SYNOPSIS: Every summer, Salome, 15, left France for her Portuguese village. She rides a quad, will bathe in the river and flirts with Tiago. But soon, her beloved grandmother dies. She must deal with the hysteria of her family, who refuses to pay the gravestone. Haunted by the wandering soul of her grandmother who cannot rest in peace, she is making strange sleepwalking crises and premonitory visions. To appease the deceased, she organizes the theft of a gravestone, the price for her freedom.

Born in Copenhagen, raised in Cornwall and on Bornholm, Johan Carlsen worked on tunnel construction in Sweden before studying theology and architecture in Copenhagen and then graduating in film-directing from the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin (DFFB). He founded Berlin directors’ co-op and production company Makrorama, which he runs with his wife, Micah Magee. Films include a mid-length feature Headlock with ZDF-Kleines Fernsehspiel (writer/director/editor/co-producer), The Man With the Microscope (writer/ director) and recently as producer Petting Zoo by Micah Magee, selected and awarded this year at Angers in the European feature film (Best actress Award for Devon Keller).

Unemployed Kenneth begins to doubt God in the church parking lot of his small Indiana hometown. He leaves the scrutinizing eyes of his wife and young son and takes to the road, travelling from the Great Plains to Atlantic City in search of work, autonomy and self-validation.


lukas dhont BELGIUM

Lukas Dhont is a young filmmaker who graduated from KASK Art Academy (Ghent). With his short films Corps perdu and L’infini, he has won several awards including Ghent Film Festival and Leuven International Short Film Festival, qualifying L’infini for Oscar selection in 2015. During his studies he has not only focused on fiction films but also explored the possibilities of documentary. His short documentary Skin Of Glass was selected as a part of the Your Film Festival at the Venice Film Festival in 2012. In addition to his short films, Lukas has directed several music videos, in which he displays his unique filmic style and his strong interest in visualizing themes related to youth. His first feature film Under My Skin will combine all the themes he has previously worked with: dance, transformation and identity.

PROJECT: UNDER MY SKIN | Production: MENUET (Dirk Impens)
SYNOPSIS: Louise is a 15-year-old transgender girl. She was born in a boy’s body but has decided that she wants to continue life as a girl. Her life is dominated by taking hormone blockers, and waiting: waiting for female hormone therapy and surgery that will finally align, once and for all, her sex with her gender identity. The school where she follows a professional ballet programme doesn’t want to transfer her from the boy's programme, which she had been following, to the girl’s classes. She auditions at another ballet school in Brussels and is accepted for a trial period of five weeks. Together with her brother Milo, 6, and father Mathias, 47, she moves to a small flat in the city. Mathias has been taking care of them on his own after the sudden death of their mother a few years ago. He is completely behind Louise’s decision but is at the same time mourning the loss of his son, Lars. Louise sees everyone around her going through puberty and starts acting like she is as well. Dancing as a female seems more challenging than she originally thought. Her male body gets in the way. She drives it to the limits and beyond. Louise wants to carry on, even if it leads to her downfall. When Louise keeps refusing Mathias’ advice to take it slow, he sees no other option than to lock her up in their flat for her own good. Louise decides to take things in her own hand.

  frida kempff SWEDEN

Born in 1977 in Sweden, Frida Kempff started working with television and film in the late 90ʹs and graduated from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, SADA, in 2006. In 2010, she directed the short documentary Bathing Micky that won the Jury Prize in the Official Selection at Cannes. Her feature documentary debut, Winter Buoy, was released and had its world premiere in competition at Gothenburg International Film Festival 2015. The film, produced by Les Films du Balibari, was screened at the Angers Workshops in 2015 in the selection of the films produced in the region Pays de la Loire. Frida is currently working on her first fiction feature, Twentytwo Minutes, together with production company Cinenic.

SYNOPSIS: Doris is a loyal social worker who has worked all her life helping people. She has always been loyal to her employer, but recently, while more and more people seek help, public resources are beinging cut. She can’t help as many as before. The situation becomes critical when Doris’ client, Jeanette, calls her to inform her that her violent ex-boyfriend, father of her youngest child, has been released from prison and is threatening her. But neither society nor Doris can help – there are no resources to protect Jeanette and her children. She realises she must break the law and go against her employer in order to help Jeanette. She ends up in a dilemma: either save Jeanette and her children, orlose her job. Doris sees herself in Jeanette, knowing what it means to lose a child. Maybe she can make things right this time? The price is high – much too high – but she can’t just idly stand by and watch the disaster take place.
  laurie lassalle FRANCE

Born in Paris, Laurie Lassalle lived a nomadic childhood between France and Nigeria. During her studies in literature and film at the Sorbonne Nouvelle, she learns the editing, with among others François Quiqueré for La France by Serge Bozon. Editor and musician, she directed numerous music videos (Melody's Echo Chamber, Mina Tindle, Judah Warsky, Cat People). In 2014, she directed her first mid-length feature, Les Fleuves m'ont laissée descendre où je voulais (The Rivers let me down when I wanted), selected in the Critics' Week at Cannes, at the Festival de moyen métrage at Brive, at the FIFAM and prize for the best photography at the Mumbai Shorts International film Festival. Since 2015, she leads workshops with the association Mille Visages. She just finished Je suis Gong (I'm Gong), a short film shot in the city of Grande Borne with young people living there. She is currently developing a feature film script, co-written with Lucille Dupre, Les Monstres calmes. With this project, she has won the Next Step and resident at the Moulin d’Andé in 2015 and selected at the Script & Pitch (Torino Film Lab 2016). She also received a film-writing bursary Beaumarchais.

SYNOPSIS: Sasha (17), cabinetmaker apprentice, has just lost her mother. After years with her uncle, she comes back and lives in the empty flat of her mother in her hometown. It is a suburban neighborhood surrounded by volcanoes, in extremely poor condition, where tensions are palpable. She finds Celi (18), her childhood friend, a young impetuous woman, who moved with her. But since the death of her mother, something strange is happening in Sasha. Mutations between the cat and the bird come and go on her skin each time she has a strong emotion. She suffers more intensely from these animal transformations. While Celi deale with a band ready to reverse the order, Sasha is hardly able to control her strange powers. The separation between the two friends leads them in unexpected ways.


Pierre Primetens was born of a Portuguese mother and a French father. After plastic art and film studies, he directed an autobiographical trilogy, A Trip to Portugal (selected at Premiers Plans in 2001 in theFrench first short film category), A Holiday in Mauritius and Contre Toi. La Fête des garçons, his latest film, deals with the rite of passage of young boys to adulthood in northern Portugal. His films have been broadcast in French and international festivals (Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand, the General States of Documentary Film of Lussas, Doclisboa, Indie Lisboa, etc.) and European channels (Canal +, RTP2). He produces radio documentaries for France Culture (On the Docks, Cities Worlds, The Workshop of creation) and written for television (M6 and Teva). He was a member of film support reading committees (CNC, GREEK, Moulin d'Ande-Ceci) and regularly leads workshops of directing, film analysis or script writing. He is currently writing his first feature film about the romantic encounter between a French teenager and a young fisherman in southern Portugal, whose community is faced with the mass tourism industry.

SYNOPSIS: Jérémy, 17, moved with his father, Francois, in southern Portugal. Neglected by his father, the young man wanders in the area disfigured by mass tourism and quickly finds an interest in the trip: Diogo, 23, one of the last traditional fishermen in the region. For the first time, he falls in love. But the fishing community is threatened by the construction site on which Jérémy's father works...

haris raftogiannis GREECE

Haris Raftogiannis studied Sociology (University of Crete) and Film studies (MA, University of Crete). He directed and produced the shorts, The Long Hall (2006) and On the Butcher’s Bench (2007) selected at Angers in 2007 in the student films category, and documentaries for the Greek national television (ERT). He also produced and directed the independent doc True Blue (2016). His films were selected in numerous European film festivals and awarded in Greece. His feature documentary Airland, is in post-production.

SYNOPSIS: What is progress for him (Makis), is a threat for her (Maria). A car accident brings them together. Their common passion for McNuggets, even closer. But to be together it takes a lot more.



Piotr Złotorowicz was born in 1982 in Debno/Poland. He graduated from the Electrical Engineering Faculty at Szczecin University of Technology and the Directing department at Polish National Film School in Łódź. He directed several short films, including Charcoal Burners (2010) and Normal People (2011), both receiving critical acclaim and numerous awards. His diploma film Mother Earth (2014) was premiered and awarded at 67th Locarno Film Festival and up to now traveled to 60 film festivals around the globe. Eloe will be his feature debut.

PROJECT: ELOE | Production: LAVA FILMS (Mariusz Wlodarski)
SYNOPSIS: It's hard to find friends in the small community living in an ex- State Agricultural Farm near an abandoned ex-Soviet military airfield. In this social landscape Marcin’s (20) relationship with his father Emil (60) means the world to him. He wants to help Emil free their family horse farm from debts owed to the local mafia. To do this, he must take part in the prestigious Czech cross-country horse race. Unfortunately Emil and Marcin lose their best horse. His father decides to buy the uncontrollable mare Eloe and tame her before the race. When he brings his older long gone son Kuba (28) back to the farm, Marcin's co-dependent relationship with his father topples over. From the very moment Kuba mounts Eloe, he is much better at taming her than Marcin, who has been training for months. Unsure of his brother's intentions, Marcin feels that he has to fight for his father’s love.